Go Make a Difference!

What difference can a kid really make? In this brave new world of cyber bullies, teen suicide, terror in the schools,  heroin and heartbreak, what’s a young person to do?

Miracles, that’s what!

Last night, I had the honor of working with a group of junior high students as they hosted a spaghetti dinner, dance, and auction. They planned, cooked, served, DJ’d, and they raised $3,200 to help abused children in our community. The $3,200 will send five children to sleep-away camp for a week, where they will be cherished and cared for.

Because of these students, children who have been separated from their siblings and sent to various foster placements will be able to reunite with them, to spend a week fishing, playing games, doing crafts, and eating s’mores with their brothers and sisters.

Because of these students, a ten-year-old child will receive her first-ever birthday cake and presents. The camp hosts a huge birthday party for everybody.

Because of these students, a child who does not own any shoes will lace his feet into his very own pair of new basketball high tops.

Because of these students, a child will catch her first fish, and she will show it off to a cheering crowd. She will hold it up for a snapshot she can keep forever.

Because of these students, a young boy who has been sexually abused will sleep safely all night, with counselors ready to listen when he wakes up, sweating and crying, from night terrors.

Because of these students, these children will be able to join a club with adult mentors, and they will have a place to go all year to find support and love.

Because of my twenty-odd students, all of these miracles will happen. I am deeply grateful to walk through life with such caring, generous, amazing young people!