Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

I read absolute loads of young adult fiction. I do like to keep up with what my students are reading, but I also love a good, engaging story, and the best I have found lately have been YA novels. After an absolute deluge of fallen angel stories which began as  promising sub-genre and quickly deteriorated to "Pretty Little Liars" with wing stubs, I was reluctant to read Daughter of Smoke and Bone ; however, the novel surprised me with its unusual and well rendered setting, Prague, a city I knew to be famous for defenestration and the Holy Roman Empire-and I wasn't sure what else. After reading the novel, I would like to visit.  I also enjoyed the new take on the angel/demon rivalry, where the angels are more the warlike, fiery sword-wielding instruments of vengeance and the demons are chimera-patchwork beasts cobbled together from various animal parts. The characters are shallow but charming, and the annoying love triangle is deferred until the second book in the series. The book is better for older young adults-more the 16-year-old set than the 12-year-olds, as it deals with themes like sex and evil. Still, I was pleasantly surprised, and I enjoyed the read.